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By Augusta SmileCare
September 21, 2015
Category: Oral Health
Tags: Children  

When it comes to children and their health, parents’ plates are full. From hearing tests to general check-ups to eye exams, keeping all of those appointments and the information that comes with them straight can be a hassle. Luckily, scheduling dental exams and receiving dental advice for your child with your Augusta, GA dentist is easy.Children

When should my child see the dentist? 
Children should see a dentist who specializes in children's care as soon as the first tooth comes through the gums, or by the age of 1. These early appointments are crucial in establishing the dentist as a fun and friendly place, and also a great way for parents to get advice about things like teething, caring for their children’s teeth once they come in and how to avoid bad habits.

How many times a year should my child go to the dentist? 
By the time they turn two, children should be seeing the dentist every six months. During these biannual visits, a series of milestones will happen. Around the age of 5, the first set of x-rays will be taken to ensure there are no hidden cavities in their teeth. When baby teeth start falling out and giving way to their permanent counterparts, a sealant may be recommended to prevent cavities. Around the age of 7, the dentist can see the way the mouth and teeth are growing, and may recommend an orthodontic evaluation.

How do I properly care for my child’s teeth? 
It is a common misconception that at-home dental care only starts with the first tooth. Instilling good dental habits from an early age ensures your child has good dental habits for life. 
Babies: While caring for an infant’s gums is different than caring for actual teeth, it is equally as important. Using a damp, soft cloth, parents should carefully wipe down the baby’s gums twice daily, especially after feeding and before bedtime.
Toddlers: Parents should start helping their children brush their teeth as soon as the first tooth is seen. Choose a toothbrush that has a handle large enough for your child to hold, soft bristles and a head small enough to fit inside of your child’s mouth and hit hard to reach places. Children and adults alike should brush for two full minutes. Use only a tiny amount (the size of a grain of rice) or no toothpaste at first, increasing to a pea-sized amount around the time the child turns 3. Consider singing a song as a “timer” or creating a game or story to make brushing fun and entertaining.

Dr. John D. Massey and the staff at Augusta Smile Care in Martinez, GA take great care in serving the Augusta area with compassionate, knowledgeable and friendly care. If you have questions about the best way to care for your child’s growing teeth, or would like to schedule an appointment, call 706-868-1322 today!

By Augusta Smilecare
September 19, 2015
Category: Dental Procedures

Achieving a more attractive smile is often a big investment. And, like other big investments, it’s always advantageous to have the opportunity to “try it out” beforehand — especially something as visible and public as your smile.

We’ve come a long way in giving people ways to preview their smiles before the permanent restoration is in place. Computer imaging is one of the more effective ways of doing this. But what if you could actually see for yourself in a mirror rather than on a computer monitor or printed page what your new smile will look like? Now you can with a “trial smile.”

To create a trial smile, we temporarily apply composite resin, a tooth-colored dental material, directly to your teeth. We can shape and sculpt the resin to mimic the effects of veneers, crowns or other dental work proposed to create your new smile. Not only will you be able to see your smile as it will appear, you’ll also be able to get a sense of the texture and depth of the new dental work, something you can’t quite capture with two-dimensional computer imaging. And while you won’t be able to wear the trial smile home, we can certainly take photos for you to show friends and family for their opinion.

Trial smiles are also beneficial in helping us plan your smile makeover. By viewing how you interact with your new look — facial expressions, speech and, of course, smiling — we can fine tune the amount of tooth preparation necessary, as well as the color, shape and texture of the permanent restorations.

Incorporating a trial smile into your treatment will involve an additional expense, but only as a relatively small part of your overall treatment cost. But the benefit it can bring in helping us achieve a smile that’s both attractive and satisfying to you is well worth the cost. “Trying out” your smile ahead of time can give you added peace of mind that your new look is just what you expected.

If you would like more information on trial smiles and other restoration previews, please contact us or schedule an appointment for a consultation. You can also learn more about this topic by reading the Dear Doctor magazine article “Testing Your Smile Makeover.”

By Augusta Smilecare
September 04, 2015
Category: Oral Health

A woman as gorgeous and funny as Sofia Vergara surely planned to be a model and actress from the get-go, right? Wrong! Sofia’s first career choice actually was to be… a dentist! That’s right, the sexy star of TV’s Modern Family actually was only two semesters shy of finishing a dental degree in her native Columbia when she traded dental school for the small screen. Still, dental health remains a top priority for the actress and her son, Manolo.

“I’m obsessed,” she recently told People magazine. “My son thinks I’m crazy because I make him do a cleaning every three months. I try to bribe the dentist to make him to do it sooner!”

That’s what we call a healthy obsession (teeth-cleaning, not bribery). And while coming in for a professional cleaning every three months may not be necessary for everyone, some people — especially those who are particularly susceptible to gum disease — may benefit from professional cleanings on a three-month schedule. In fact, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to having professional teeth cleanings — but everyone needs this beneficial procedure on a regular basis.

Even if you are meticulous about your daily oral hygiene routine at home, there are plenty of reasons for regular checkups. They include:

  • Dental exam. Oral health problems such as tooth decay and gum disease are much easier — and less expensive — to treat in the earliest stages. You may not have symptoms of either disease early on, but we can spot the warning signs and take appropriate preventive or restorative measures.
  • Oral cancer screening. Oral cancer is not just a concern of the middle aged and elderly — young adults can be affected as well (even those who do not smoke). The survival rate for this deadly disease goes up tremendously if it is detected quickly, and an oral cancer screening is part of every routine dental visit.
  • Professional teeth cleaning. Calcified (hardened) dental plaque (tartar or calculus) can build up near the gum line over time — even if you brush and floss every day. These deposits can irritate your gums and create favorable conditions for tooth decay. You can’t remove tartar by flossing or brushing, but we can clear it away — and leave you with a bright, fresh-feeling smile!

So take a tip from Sofia Vergara, and don’t skimp on professional cleanings and checkups. If you want to know how often you should come in for routine dental checkups, please contact us or schedule an appointment for a consultation. You can learn more in the Dear Doctor articles “Dental Hygiene Visit” and “Dental Cleanings Using Ultrasonic Scalers.”

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