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Though it may seem final, a gap in your smile due to a missing tooth does not need to be a permanent situation. In fact, closing the gaps indental implants your smile can greatly benefit you and your teeth, especially when you choose dental implants to do the job. Understanding dental implants may seem tricky at first, but, with help from your Martinez and Augusta, GA dentist, you can get the facts on implants and what they could mean for you. Find out more about dental implants with Dr. John Massey at Augusta Smile Care.

What is a dental implant? 
A dental implant replaces a missing tooth by remaining implanted permanently in the jawbone beneath the gum tissue. The implant, which acts as a replacement root for the missing tooth, is made from titanium and extends from under the gum tissue to hold a replacement tooth. The implant itself is non-removable and made to last a lifetime with the proper care. The replacement tooth, usually a dental crown, may need maintenance or replacement eventually but is also made to last many years, making implants the most effective and naturally functioning option for tooth replacement available.

How will dental implants benefit my smile? 
Dental implants fill in the gaps in your smile, which helps avoid issues like teeth shifting to compensate for the extra room. Additionally, implants replace the missing tooth’s root, keeping the bone sufficiently stimulated to prevent bone atrophy, which causes the bone to degrade from lack of use. Dental implants function just like normal teeth and do not require any extra, special care. Caring for your implants requires simple brushing and flossing, just like your natural teeth, saving you time and effort. When compared to other tooth replacement options like dentures, dental implants’ ease of use and natural appearance make them the leading choice for replacing your teeth.

Dental Implants in Martinez and Augusta, GA
Replacing your missing teeth is easy with dental implants and a little help from your dentist. If you think you could benefit from this procedure, consult with your dentist to ensure that this is the best treatment option for you and your teeth. For more information on dental implants, please contact Dr. Massey at Augusta Smile Care in Martinez and Augusta, GA. Call 706-868-1322 to schedule your appointment for a consultation today!

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