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Plastic sealants from Augusta Smile Care coat vulnerable molars with an invisible protective shield. This is why Dr. John Massey recommends them for many young patients, and even for adults Learn why your family dentist in Augusta, GA, believes in this preventive service.

What is tooth decay?

It's one of the most prevalent health problems among American children, says the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Literal holes in the tooth enamel, cavities cause tooth loss, pain, and speech problems if left untreated. Routine brushing and flossing, along with a nutritious diet, all reduce their rate of occurrence, as do six-months cleanings and exams with your Augusta, GA, family dentist. However, as a parent, you wonder what else you can do.

Why molars are susceptible

Children receive their primary molars, or back teeth, by age six, and a second, permanent set by age 14. While initially appearing smooth, the chewing surfaces of molars contain numerous pits, fissures, and grooves that catch and hold food residues.

Brushing and flossing alone cannot remove all of this organic material, and frankly, even a professional cleaning can leave microscopic bits of plaque and tartar behind. As such, modern dentistry has developed a simple, effective way to protect these teeth from decay.

How sealants can help

Plastic sealants are thin, biocompatible coatings placed on back teeth to shield them from the oral bacteria which lead to decay. Tooth-colored and virtually unnoticeable, this acrylic material goes on as a liquid and then is hardened to an impenetrable layer with a special curing light.

The sealant does not adversely affect dental bite, and it protects for up to ten years. After that, Dr. Massey may repair any worn spots.

To place sealants, your child's teeth first are cleaned and dried. The sealant liquid is painted on and cured tooth by tooth. The process takes only about ten minutes per tooth and is completely comfortable. As an adult with healthy molars, you can also take advantage of sealants if you desire.

Contact your family dentist for more information

In Augusta, GA, Dr. John Massey and his wonderful team at Augusta Smile Care help adults, children, and everyone in between have healthy, bright smiles that last. If you'd like to know more about how plastic sealants could safeguard your youngster's back teeth, call us, come in for a consultation, or ask at your child's next exam and cleaning. Phone us at (706) 868-1322 today.

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