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Dental VeneersOne of the most popular ways that a dentist can improve the look of your smile is with the installation of porcelain veneers. According to a recent American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry survey, veneers are third on the list of the most common cosmetic dentistry treatments desired by patients. Consult a dentist at Augusta SmileCare in Martinez, GA, and serving the Augusta area, to discover just how beautiful your smile can look with a veneer treatment.

A Beautiful Smile
The luster and quality of your smile can fade over the years due to discoloration, cracks, or eroded enamel. Although a vast majority of Americans really want to have a better-looking smile, many put off visiting the dentist to find out their options. Even if you’ve given up on having the pearly white smile that you see in magazines because of major tooth imperfections, it’s worthwhile to see your Augusta and Martinez dentist and talk about cosmetic treatments.

Veneers: A Long-Term Cosmetic Solution
You might be surprised to know just how many of your favorite people have veneers. Most people are not born with ideally shaped, perfectly aligned teeth—they need help just like you do. Veneers cover up those imperfections and will brighten your appearance for 10 or more years. When you consider the many personal and professional benefits, you’ll see how veneers can be a valuable investment.

Veneer Care
After you make this investment in your smile, it’s up to you to care for your veneers to ensure they continue to look beautiful for many years. Here are a few care tips to make sure your new smile continues to flourish:

- Spend a little bit of extra time flossing and brushing around the surfaces of the veneers to ensure that plaque doesn’t have a chance to form.
- Protect your gum health with antigingivitic products (toothpaste and rinses) recommended by your dentist, and also by improving your dietary choices.
- Get professional cleanings done every six months, on schedule.

Visit for a Cosmetic Consultation 
It’s worthwhile to get an evaluation of your smile and talk to a dentist about veneers as a possible solution. Go to the cosmetic dental office of Dr. John Massey for a consultation. Call 706-868-1322 today to schedule an appointment.

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