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Sedation DentistryIf the thought of having a dental procedure panics you, you may be a candidate for IV (intravenous) sedation. It's one of several ways that your Augusta, Georgia family dentist can help you relax during a tooth extraction, root canal therapy, or multiple dental procedures. Sedation also helps individuals who:

  • tend to gag
  • find it hard to sit still
  • are very sensitive to even minor pain

In IV sedation, medication is introduced via a vein, gradually inducing relaxation, IV sedation gives both patient and dentist the peace of mind needed to get important dental work done. Dentists call this kind of sedation "moderate" because it allows the person to be awake during the dental work. However, many people do fall asleep and are a bit woozy when their procedure is over.

Who can administer IV sedation?

A dentist must have specialized training in anesthesia in order to administer IV sedation. This enables him or her to decide who is a good candidate for IV sedation, to choose the drugs, and to carefully administer them, adjusting the level of relaxation during the procedure. The dentist also monitors vital signs such as heart rate, pulse oxygenation and blood pressure.

In addition, a sleep dentist has Advanced Cardiac Life Support training. The American Dental Association maintains that properly trained dentists should offer IV sedation to their patients to facilitate their dental work and to make them as at ease as possible.

Who is a candidate for intravenous sedation?

The short answer to this question is that many people are. However, individuals who are obese or who have sleep apnea may not be good candidates. To determine if a patient can have these medications, the dentist will discuss medical history and any current prescriptions and health concerns.

If an individual is to receive sedation, the dentist will have the patient sign a consent form. The doctor will also explain the benefits and risks of the drugs and give some simple pre-and post-operative instructions.

Peace of Mind with IV Sedation

In Augusta, Georgia, family dentist Dr. John D. Maseey understands the concerns people have about going to the dentist. He wants you to get the dental work you need in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. As such, he offers dental sedation, including IV sedation.

Call Dr. Massey and his staff at Augusta Smile Care today with questions you may have about intravenous sedation. The office phone number is (706) 868-1322.

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