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If thoughts of the dentist leave you dead in your tracks find out how sedation dentistry can help.

While some people really don’t mind their six-month visit to see our Augusta, GA dentist, Dr. John Massey, there are others who are so dental anxietyfearful of the dentist and any dental procedures that they put off necessary care and treatments. Don’t let this be you! By not getting dental care that your smile needs, you could end up suffering from tooth loss, gum disease and other issues. Find out how sedation dentistry can make your next trip to the dentist so much easier.

We understand that everyone responds differently to the dentist. You may only experience mild anxiety or you may find calling our Augusta general dentist makes you break out in a sweat. Fortunately, we cater to all different severities of anxiety.

Mild Dental Anxieties

If you have only mild dental anxiety then you probably feel just fine sitting in the dental chair without feeling too nervous. Of course, the idea of a dental procedure could have you on edge. If this sounds like you then ask us whether nitrous oxide could help you.

Better known as “laughing gas,” nitrous oxide is administered through a mask that is placed over your nose. Within a couple of minutes you will start to feel calm and relaxed in our Augusta, GA, office. Once the procedure is over, we will turn off the gas. The effects from the nitrous oxide will only last a couple of minutes, which means you don’t have to worry about having someone pick you up or drive you home.

Moderate Dental Anxieties

Those with moderate levels of anxiety surrounding the dentist may find it simple enough to pick up the phone and give us a call but may find it more difficult to actually set foot in our office. If this sounds more like your anxiety level, then we may prescribe an oral medication to take prior to your visit. This medication (typically an anti-anxiety pill) is often taken in our office about a half hour before your procedure to help keep you relaxed. You may feel groggy during your treatment and some patients may even nod off. Patients who receive prescription medication to treat their anxieties will need to have someone else drive them home.

Augusta SmileCare in Augusta, GA is dedicated to making your dental experience easy, pain-free and even stress-free. Give us a call and let us know if you are interested in finding out whether sedation dentistry is right for you. Make your upcoming dental appointment a breeze!

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